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Planet Jarre, out 16.09.2018
Planet Jarre, out 14.09.18
Amazonia (April 7th 2021)

Latest news: Amazônia, new Jarre album, out 7th April 2021

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Planet Jarre, 50 years of music, out 14.09.2018

Oxygène 3 (2016)

In december 2016, Jean-Michel Jarre celebrated the 40 years of Oxgene by releasing the last part of the trilogy, named Oxygene 3, running from Oxygene 14 to Oxygene 20. A special box, the Oxygene trilogy, was designed featuring the 3 discs (Oxygene 7-13 being renamed Oxygene 2), in vynil and compact disc format.img_0239

Electronica 1 & 2 and Electronica Tour (2015-17)

Jarre has gathered around him 30 collaborators from rock, classical, synthpop and EDM scenes for a double album of new tracks named Electronica in which he had the “final cut”. Jean-Michel Jarre has being touring his Electronica Tour since june 2016, from Europe to south America (Argentina and Chili), United States (including two Coachella gigs), Québec and Canada.


“He was a major influence on me. I don’t think there is an electronic musician that isn’t influenced by [Jean-Michel Jarre].” Hans Zimmer, Oscar-winning composer, 2016.


Electronica, Vol. 1, the time machine
 out since October 16th, 2015!

Electronica Vol. 2, the heart of noise
out on May, 6th, 2016.

Tour dates from 2008 to 2013 :


Oxygene Tour 2008 – In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Oxygène. From 01/03/2008 to 01/12/2008 (featuring the Royal Albert Hall, London, the 30/03/2008).

In-doors tour / <2010> and <2011> tours – Jean-Michel Jarre, Francis Rimbert, Dominique Perrier (Replaced by Jerome Gueguen departing the 24/05/2010) and Claude Samard playing classic Jarre tracks from Oxygène to Chronologie (new tracks after 2010: Statistics Adagio and some pieces of Téo and Téa).

  • In-doors tour from 04/05/2009 to 30/05/2009 /
  • <2010> tour – Named after Arthur C. Clarke’s novel – From 01/03/2010 to 11/12/2010 – 2 outdoors: Jelling (29th may 2011) and Monaco (1st of July 2011).
  • <2011> tour from 09/10/2011 to 20/11/2011.
  • Plus 1 concert in 2012, at Warsaw the 09/10/2012 and two concerts in 2013: Carthage outdoor Festival, Tunisia, the 12/08/2013 and in Sochi, Russia, for the opening of the winter olympic village, the 20/12/2013.

Biography segments


I present Jean-Michel’s career in 5 parts, each one centered around a decade. Throughout his musical journey, he went from New age to EDM (Electronic Dance Music), crossing synthpop, experimental electro-acoustic music. You will find here his major accomplishments, rewards and recognitions.

10 major albums (see all)

Oxygène album from 197720130914-180149.jpgJean Michel Jarre / The concerts in ChinaZoolook_Jarre_Album.jpg20131223-125540.jpgwaiting-for-cousteau.jpg20140127-212809.jpgOxygene_7-13_album_coveraerooxygene-3

A pick of my favorite albums. From left to right: Oxygène (1976), Equinoxe (1978), The concerts in China (Live, 1981), Zoolook (1984), Rendez-vous (1986), Waiting for Cousteau (1990), Chronologie (1993), Oxygène 7-13 (1997), Aero (2004), Oxygène 3 (2006). You can also choose your favorite albums in my poll.

10 major concerts or tours (see all)

AOR Opera, 1971Concerts in China, 1981Houston, 1986Docklands, 1988La Défense, 1990Europe in concert, 1993Moscow, 1997Cairo, 2000Oxygène Tour, 2008Electronica Tour 2016

A pick of my favourite concerts. From left to right : AOR, Paris Opera (1971), The concerts in China (1981), Houston, a city in concert, Downtwon Houston – celebration of the NASA anniversary (1986), Destination Docklands, London (1988), Paris-La Défense, a city in concert (1990), Europe in concert tour (1993), Oxygène in Moscow (1997), The twelve dreams of the sun, Cairo, Egypt, the Millenium concert (2000), Oxygène (30th anniversary) Tour (2008) and Electronica World Tour (2006-2007). You can also vote for your favorite concerts in my poll.

Top 10 quotes from Jean-Michel Jarre :

  • I think that you have to seriously have fun, or taking serious things in a light way and obviously, for me, before all, music is made of fun and pleasure and excitement.
  • Music is the human treatment of sounds.
  • A chic type, a rough type, an odd type – but never a stereotype
  • The worst thing in any form of art is to be betrayed by your own habits.
  • It is not music that is electronic, it is the instruments
  • I consider music like a mirage in the desert. You’re obsessed with the ideal piece of music, and the more you think you’re getting closer, it’s not there.
  • I would like to say to my fans that I would like to continue Oxygène and Equinoxe indefinitely, but that it would be tiresome for them and for me.
  • I persist and sign: the melody is one of the most important parameters in my music.
  • The sound and the beat, yes. But not without melody.
  • In electronics, there are two sources, the influence of Schaeffer and the punk influence

Top 10 gear (see all)


ARP 2600 | EMS Synthi AKS/VCS3 | Farfisa Organ | Eminent 310 U | Moog Liberation | Elka Synthex | Roland D-50 | Moog Memorymoog | Fairlight CMI-I | Roland JD 800