Jean Michel Jarre fan page

Site dedicated to Jean Michel Jarre's universe of beautiful music, and outstanding concerts


Electronica, Vol. 1, the time machine
 out since October 16th, 2015!
Electronica Vol. 2, the heart of noise
out on May, 6th, 2016.




9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Pena que só se pode votar em um álbum… Já que gosto de todos, voto no mais recente Téo & Téa, já que Jean-Michel Jarre está melhor a cada dia.

  2. Love your website. Thank you for the work you do. It’s my go to page for Jarre news. Cannot wait to hear the new music when it’s out. Take care and be well.

    1. My name is elliott donovan my father David donovan made your consert happen destination docklands his now past away it would be nice if you could say a big farewell to him he built the stage and clears all the docklands and also supplied the skips the fireworks where set of in he once told me that was the best job he done as the son I met princess Diana and hank margin and jarre him self thank you

  3. Jean michel soy tu fan numero uno gracias por darle al mundo lo que tu solo puedes darle .la musica mas maravillosa y extraña un beso gigante desde bolivia.

  4. What a cool website! It’s a long way from looking at the list of synths on the back of the vinyl LP’s when I was a kid. Welcome to the future. Love it 🙂

  5. I saw my first JMJ concert at the O2 Arena on Friday 7 November. I loved it! The power, the art, the musical universe was just amazing. My youngest son Michael is a musician and likes Deadmaus and Porter Robinson who weren’t touring the UK. But Jean Michel Jarre was, so we had to see the catalyst for this genre himself. Our expectations were more than surpassed! The track for the upcoming Oxygen 3 Album sounded like a modern classic, whilst the tracks from the Electronica Albums were cutting edge. My 14 year old son was suitably impressed and agreed that the concert lived up to all of my hype. Thank you Jean Michel! We are definitely coming to the next concert!

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