Jarre quote from 1991This blog is to celebrate Jean Michel Jarre, the french pionneer of electronic music. I am building it up, and it will come out with news, infos about this unique artist very soon!
My passion for Jarre began in 1986 with the album Rendez-vous. Since, I’ve been to many concerts and, of course, as a true fan, bought all of his records.
Jean Michel Jarre has been refreshing electronic music with Oxygène in 1977, and opening it to wide crowds in his massive concerts. He has built sounds that touched hearts of billions troughout the world and his sense of creativity has fulfilled me.
My final statement will be the very same that the one I pronounced more than twenty years ago: Thank you Jean Michel for your wonderful music!
And now, let me be your guide to the world of Jean Michel. One of the greatest composers and most brilliant showman ever. You will discover his life, his work, his beliefs, and if you’re willing enough, his inspiration.