Les Grandes brûlées (music score, 1973)

Les granges brûlées
Music to the film of Jean Chapot
Publication 30th May 1973
Recording 1973
Length 28:50
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Eden Roc
Notes: Jarre’s first movie second and second official LP.

Jarre didn’t want to walk in the footsteps of his father, scoring music. The comparaison was quite tough for the young (24 years old), but he was chosen by Jean Chapot to give a modern touch to his 1973 police story, starring Simone Signoret and Alain Delon. Jean Michel used a VCS-3, the only synthesizer he owned at that time, and produced a creepy music landscape to illustrate the mystery in this farm in the Doubs (Center France).

The “zig-zag” (not to confound with zig-zag dance) tune made Jarre’s first commercial success. Advised listeners will recognise the use of some notes of the main theme of “Le Juge” as a starting point fir later Rendez-vous, part III. Francis Dreyfus re-released the movie score in 2003.

  1. La Chanson des granges brûlées” – 2:40
  2. Le Pays de Rose” – 2:02
  3. L’Hélicoptère” – 1:29
  4. Une morte dans la neige” – 1:40
  5. Zig-zag” – 2:15
  6. Le Juge” – 1:20
  7. Le Car / Le Chasse-neige” – 1:24
  8. Thème de l’argent” – 1:08
  9. Rose” – 2:15
  10. Hésitation” – 1:00
  11. La Perquisition et les paysans” – 2:35
  12. Reconstitution” – 0:55
  13. Les Granges brûlées” – 3:14
  14. Descente au village” – 0:25
  15. La vérité” – 0:58
  16. Générique” – 2:40

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