Oxygène (studio album, 1976)


Studio album
Publication 1976 (France) /
1977 (World)
Recording August-November 1976
Length 39:44
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Disques Dreyfus
Notes: Jarre composed Oxygène in his kitchen room.

Oxygène album from 1977Oxygène is a classic album by Jean Michel Jarre. Highly recommended!

It is the first of Jarres’ albums to link the tracks one to another (except part 3 and 4 which were on the opposite side of the physical record). The songs’ name are numbers, as consisting into a whole piece of music.

  1. “Oxygène (Part I)” – 7:40
  2. “Oxygène (Part II)” – 8:04
  3. “Oxygène (Part III)” – 2:58
  4. “Oxygène (Part IV)” – 4:07
  5. “Oxygène (Part V)” – 10:31
  6. “Oxygène (Part VI)” – 6:19

Selected reviews

Oxygène reviewed by Graham Reid from Elsewhere :

Sometimes in history there comes that rare conjunction of the man, the time and his art.
In the case of Jean Michel Jarre it seemed they were all out of alignment. He could not have chosen a more inhospitable climate into which release his work.
Jarre’s album Oxygene came out in France in 1976 but wasn’t given release in Britain until the following year.
It was the height of punk and most UK critics couldn’t have hated it more.
At a time of short, sharp and angry songs full of phlegm and bile, here was a carefully crafted instrumental album of long and sometimes woozily drifting electronic pieces.
Jarre himself was a problem for the British music press swept up in the energy of punk: he was the son of a classical composer, had studied harmony and composition, had written for ballet and opera . . .
Worse, he was French — and to compound this error of birth, in late 1978 he married that jewel of the British acting scene Charlotte Rampling.
It was as if everything he was, did and created had been designed to annoy the British music press.
Of course time lets us hear Oxygene in a different context — although to be fair the critical savaging it received didn’t make a jot of difference to the public: the album sold over 15 million copies and one of the segments, Oxygene Part IV is still one of the most recognisable pieces of electronic music in history. Read more…

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