Aero (studio album, 2004)

Compilation album with 3 new tracks
Publication 2004
Recording 2004
Length 73:42
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Warner Music
Notes: The first original 5.1. recording in music industry

AERO has a double meaning : it’s reffering to the Aero concert that held in Denmark on 7th, September 2002. And it is an acronym for “Anthology of Electronic Revisited Originals”. Jarre has recorded some of his best tracks in a surround mix, using 5.1. technology. To enjoy the experience of 5.1., you must have a multicanal isntallation and play the DVD provided within the AERO package. The music is all connected together for about than an hour and a quarter.

The images chosen by Jean Michel on the DVD are to describe pure emotions listening to the music, through the blue eyes of Anne Parillaud, who stood listening to the disc in a one-take film, fixing an HD camera in front of her eyes. Jarre said it was the most universal film he could ever think of.

This album helped Jean Michel obtain renew of interest within his fan’s community, who were a bit puzzled by the previous recordings (that includes Metamorphoses in 2000), going back to typical Jarre sounds. The title-track is a cousin of 2000 song “Je me souviens”, which fans appealed to most.

The last track of AERO is a rework in 5 audio channels of the Rendez-vous IV performance alongside Safri Duo in Aalborg, Denmark I mentionned priorly. While listening to Aero, recordings of steady life, very realistic, make you startle.

The track-list is king-class with special rewards to superb versions of Equinoxe III, IV and Last Rendez-vous.

  1. Aero Opening” – 0:50
  2. “Oxygene 2” – 7:41
  3. “Aero” – 3:09
  4. “Equinoxe 8” – 1:24
  5. “Oxygene 4” – 5:05
  6. “Souvenir of China” – 4:46
  7. “Aerology” – 3:40
  8. “Equinoxe 3” – 6:33
  9. “Equinoxe 4” – 6:46
  10. “Last Rendez-Vous” – 5:08
  11. “Zoolookologie” – 3:54
  12. “Aerozone” – 4:56
  13. “Magnetic Fields 1” – 5:59
  14. “Chronologie 6” – 6:10
  15. “Rendez-Vous 4” (live, 2002 Aero concert in Denmark with Safri duo) – 7:34

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