Interior Music (studio album, 2001)

Interior Music
Studio album
Publication 2001
Recording 2001
Length 51:57
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Disques Dreyfus
Notes: This album has been made on purpose for Bang & Olufsen and only 1.000 copies were produced

Jarre has been commissioned by Bang & Olufsen for making a backdrop music in one of its stores. You must remember that when Jarre released Oxygène, Audio equipment stores sold copies of them. There, it’s the other way around : Jarre sold music to an audio equipement store. The music (you can listen to on Internet, in case you aren’t the luckiful possessor of one copy) consists in two versions of the same tracks, one side is Bonjour, Hello!, that contains vocal snipets, and the other side, Whispers of life, which is the instrumental version of the first track. The name of the brand is intercalated between nature sounds and short, waggish sentences in french, danish and in english, like: “You look handsome”.

On the sleeve of the album, it is mentionned that this piece of music would be part of a new album. But It’s been demonstrated that it’s never been the case. You can nevertheless find some similarities with the Téo et Téa short piece “Gossip” and this production.

  1. “Bonjour-Hello” – 25:58
  2. “Whispers of Life” – 25:56

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