Music for supermarkets (studio album, 1983)

Music for supermarkets
Studio album
Publication 1983
Recording Frebruary-May 1983
Length 34:06
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Disques Dreyfus
Notes: A single pressing of Music for supermarkets was ever made, and brought to auctions for helping young painters.

This album is one-of-a-kind in many ways. First of all, the music itself proves a ground-breaking use of early sampling. Second, the disc was made in a way of protesting against the put of music into supermarkets, killing the musical stores and a certain relation people had with buying music. Jarre’s spectacular move of putting this record to auction in Hotel Drouot was much commented at the time. In first purpose, Jarre’s music was to be the background of an art exhibition in Paris. The disc was sold 69,000 francs (10,500 euros) and the money was given away to the Jean-Claude Riedel Gallery.

After the disc was sold, Jarre put Music for Supermarket on air on a Radio Luxembourg special. As another provocation, Jarre told the listeners before airing the music : “Piratez-moi!” (“Pirate me!”). And therfore, fans recorded the music and that’s the only (and seemless lack of fidelity) audio testimony of Jarre’s 1983 effort.

Elements of Music for Supermarkets were included as themes for later songs, such as

  • Music for supermarkets part 3: Used in “Fifth Rendez-vous part 3” on “Rendez-vous” (1986).
  • Music for supermarkets part 5: Used in “Blah-Blah Café” on “Zoolook” (1984).
  • Music for supermarkets part 7: Used in the second half of “Diva” on “Zoolook” (1984).
Track-list :
  1. "Intro to Side A" - 0:51
  2. "Music for Supermarkets 1" - 4:01
  3. "Music for Supermarkets 2" - 3:41
  4. "Music for Supermarkets 3" - 0:56
  5. "Music for Supermarkets 4" - 4:34
  6. "Music for Supermarkets 5" - 2:46
  7. "Intro to Side B" - 0:18
  8. "Music for Supermarkets 6" - 5:53
  9. "Music for Supermarkets 7" - 3:59
 10. "Music for Supermarkets 8" - 3:51

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