Oxygène new master recording
Studio album
Publication November 2007
Recording 2007
Length 35:06
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label EMI
Notes: Jarre records original Oxygène with instruments from then, in CD and live, in DVD with additional music.

Jean Michel Jarre, dissapointed by his mischoice of dance music with Téo & Téa and fired from Warner Music, goes back to the roots and signs with EMI, another big record company. He decides to re-record Oxygène with cutting-edge recording technologies, but by using his old ladies (that’s to say, the analog synthesizers of 1976), which he claims “the Stradivarius of Electronic Music”.

Oxygène recorded in 5.1. is a genuine back-to-the future experience. The sound is clear, the soundscape is great. The DTS sound is a pure delight, too.

The live DVD sold apart the CD gives a giant slap to Jarre’s critics, showing Jarre playing live his musical masterpiece, surrounded by three great musicians : Claude Samard, Francis Rimbert and Dominique Perrier. A 3D version, with special glasses is produced in limited quantities and gives Oxygène’s magic a new dimension : the third one. The best album of 2007!

DVD version

  1. Prelude (New Track)
  2. Oxygene Part I
  3. Oxygene Part II
  4. Oxygene Part III
  5. Variation Part I (New Track)
  6. Oxygene Part IV
  7. Variation Part II (New Track)
  8. Oxygene Part V
  9. Variation Part III (New Track)
  10. Oxygene Part VI

CD version

  1. Oxygene Part I – 7.39
  2. Oxygene Part II – 7.54
  3. Oxygene Part III – 3.06
  4. Oxygene Part IV – 4.13
  5. Oxygene Part V – 10.11
  6. Oxygene Part VI – 7.05