Oxygène new master recording (studio album, 2007)

Oxygène new master recording


Studio album 

Publication November 2007
Recording 2007
Length 35:06
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label EMI
Notes: Jarre records original Oxygène with instruments from then, in CD and live, in DVD with additional music.

Jean Michel Jarre, dissapointed by his mischoice of dance music with Téo & Téa and fired from Warner Music, goes back to the roots and signs with EMI, another big record company. He decides to re-record Oxygène with cutting-edge recording technologies, but by using his old ladies (that’s to say, the analog synthesizers of 1976), which he claims “the Stradivarius of Electronic Music”.

Oxygène recorded in 5.1. is a genuine back-to-the future experience. The sound is clear, the soundscape is great. The DTS sound is a pure delight, too.

The live DVD sold apart the CD gives a giant slap to Jarre’s critics, showing Jarre playing live his musical masterpiece, surrounded by three great musicians : Claude Samard, Francis Rimbert and Dominique Perrier. A 3D version, with special glasses is produced in limited quantities and gives Oxygène’s magic a new dimension : the third one. The best album of 2007!

DVD version

  1. Prelude (New Track)
  2. Oxygene Part I
  3. Oxygene Part II
  4. Oxygene Part III
  5. Variation Part I (New Track)
  6. Oxygene Part IV
  7. Variation Part II (New Track)
  8. Oxygene Part V
  9. Variation Part III (New Track)
  10. Oxygene Part VI

CD version

  1. Oxygene Part I – 7.39
  2. Oxygene Part II – 7.54
  3. Oxygene Part III – 3.06
  4. Oxygene Part IV – 4.13
  5. Oxygene Part V – 10.11
  6. Oxygene Part VI – 7.05

2 thoughts on “Oxygène new master recording (studio album, 2007)

  1. Up until August 2015, Spotify used to have both the 1976 original Oxygène and the 2007 Oxygène New Master Recording albums. Then they suddenly removed 2007 version, but when I listen to 1976 version on Spotify, I am convinced it sounds like the 2007 version. I wrote Spotify about it several times and told them I think they somehow switched tracks. Is there any difference between 1976 and 2007 version so I can be absolutely sure?

  2. I wish JMJ would release original recordings of his first 4 albums in 5.1. Not interested in re-recordings. As bad as listening to Kate bush redoing older stuff, never the same. Those originals are ‘in my head’ and newer versions are no match for them.

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