Rendez-vous (studio album, 1986)

Studio album
Publication April 1986
Recording 1986
Length 35:06
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Disques Dreyfus
Notes: Jarre made in a few months a record that is bit of Oxygène-like in terms of structure with a digital footprint.

After the deceiving sells for album Zoolook, Jarre decides to go to merely more straight-forward music, with powerful sounds of the digital era. The result is a pretty short album, with an operatic feeling to the first half. In fact, Jarre adapted a composition he made for orchestra back in the seventies for singer Gérard Lenorman to the polish synth sounds of the Rendez-vous II epic piece. Rendez-vous IV is the typical Jarre anthem for the eighties, a very simple – yet beautiful – tune which was to merge in the US with a videoclip of NASA space mission preceded by a famous John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s speach prophesying the man on the moon. Instead of Rendez-vous part 6, Jarre named the last song “The Last Rendez-vous“, and it features a duet synth-saxophone on a very high scale of emotion. It was later on undernamed Ron’s Piece after the accident of space shuttle Challenger, in rememberance to Ron Mc Nair, one of the deceased astronaut.

This is Jarre’s greatest successful album in anglo-saxon world, acclaimed both in the U.S (20 weeks in the top100) and in Great Britain (38 weeks in the charts).

  1. “First Rendez-Vous” – 2:54
  2. “Second Rendez-Vous” – 10:55
  3. “Third Rendez-Vous” – 3:30
  4. “Fourth Rendez-Vous” – 3:57
  5. “Fifth Rendez-Vous” – 7:41
  6. “Last Rendez-Vous (Ron’s Piece)” – 6:04

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