Sessions 2000 (studio album, 2002)

Sessions 2000
Studio album
Publication 2002
Recording (Mystery)
Length 42:47
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Disques Dreyfus
Notes: Jarre made this record with no real aim at sells, just to order to free from his ex-producer, Francis Dreyfus.

This album we don’t know much about it. And Jean Michel doesn’t want to talk about much, since it is the symbol of his bad times with his first record company, Francis Dreyfus Music, that eventually got to a divorce. This album is interesting though, because it reflects Jarre’s attirance to jazz and chill-out music.

The Rothko painting on the cover is a clear enough indication to the barrenness of this musical project as a whole. Jarre and Francis Rimbert have been recording acoustic instruments and playing other them in a sort of improvisation game. But the results were not finalized enough for Jarre, and maybe did he refuse to want to give the track names. Thus the track names are just dates, sort of puzzle idea of separate moments they recorded the tracks together.

  1. “January 24” – 5:57
  2. “March 23” – 8:02
  3. “May 1” – 4:49
  4. “June 21” – 6:18
  5. “September 14” – 9:30
  6. “December 17” – 8:11

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