Waiting for Cousteau (studio album, 1990)

Waiting for Cousteau
Studio album
Publication June 1990
Recording 1990
Length 69:00
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Disques Dreyfus
Notes: Jarre’s ecological testimony at the age of grown-up computer music

I think the reason why Waiting for Cousteau is a bit underrated by some people is that it “only” contains 4 songs. And the title-track is 45 minutes long! You could deduce that Jarre was is a serious lack of inspiration, in any case, that is not true! Waiting for Cousteau is one of my favorite albums, and, passed the Caribbean fever of Calypso 1, the underwater feeling of Calypso and the aerial anthem of Calypso 3, your mind is completely fit to dig in one of the best ambient tracks ever.

For the needs of this albums (Part 1 and 2), Jarre and his keyboard friend Dominique Perrier went to Trinidad and Tobago to record the Amaco renegades, a group of people playing music with sticks and gasoline cans they found on their beaches. For Calypso, part 3, Jarre used samples of Commandant Cousteau, a major figure of the environment fight against pollution, giving a certain drama to his chorus parts.

People visiting Jarre’s first photo exposition “Concerts d’images” in Paris had a foretaste of Jarre dealing with atmospheric music, since this is an edit of an existing piece. Slight piano produced on computer-generated randomness, deep sounds speaking to your mind, Jarre masters it all. Since 1990, every concert from Jarre has this peaceful music while people get seated.

  1. “Calypso” – 8:24
  2. “Calypso Part 2” – 7:10
  3. “Calypso Part 3 (Fin de siècle)” – 6:28
  4. “Waiting for Cousteau” – 46:55

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