AOR Opera (October 21, 1971)

AOR Opera (music score)
Palais Garnier (In-door)
Entrance Payable
Recording 1971
Length Seven music parts
Crew Jarre and Wakhévitch
Audience (Unknown)
Notes: Jarre is the first composer of electro-acoustic music to perform in Opera de Paris.

Choreographer Norbert Schmucki was wondering what music he could use for his next ballet in Opera de Paris. It would need to fit to the re-open of Palais Garnier, which had been closed the time for the Chagall painting’s on the ceiling to be over, a modern artwork to a very institutional place. He contacted Jarre and Igor Wakhévitch, two young people from the GRM classes. Wakhévitch took care of the acoustic part of the music with the orchestra, while Jarre produced electro-acoustic sounds on his VCS-3.

Most people from the Opéra de Paris were unfriendly to Jarre’s work, that seemed too much of an avant-garde at that time. French Cultural Affairs Minister took Jarre into his protection, letting him attend the ballet despite he had to join National service. It was the first time this kind of music was played in such a prestigious hall of concert. And what a way to start a carreer !


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