Destination Docklands (Mega-concert, October 8-9, 1988)

Destinations Docklands
The London concerts (Out-door)
Entrance Payable, but free from outside
Date October 8-9, 1988
Length 19 songs
Crew 11 musicians, 1 danser, 1 Choir from Mali.
Audience 200.000 tickets and plus an estimated 800.000 onlookers
Notes: Jarre gives two concerts despite apocalyptic wind and rain.

Now, this was a crazy. Jarre was planning of the Newham city council (near London) to play in the Docks of London a concert on the 24th of september 1988. They finally changed their mind, once more for saftery reasons thus refused to let the concert occur. Jarre then proposed to split the concert in two separate dates, and in-between was searching for another place to perform in England. He wanted to start the concert quickly, so he could release the Revolutions album (which originally intended name was Destination) at the same time.

As time goes by, the weather conditions get worser and worser. The original idea of putting the stage on a floating platform becomes unrealizable. Instead, Jarre and his musicians are onland, but protected by an army of umbrellas and the synths are wrapped into Tarpaulins that can fly away every minute. All of the people watching the concert from quite a distance are impressed by the frencman’s show. Even Lady Di applauses warmly the wet musicians.

The concert was divided into four moments, each one evoking a revolution : the industrial revolution, the sexual revolution, the digital revolution and the finale, consisting into two songs: The Emigrant and September. In addition to the music, lights and firexworks, the Destination Docklands concert features dancer Setsuko Yamada reacting live to the musical journey. A turkish flute pushes in for the spectacular Jarre first single, “Revolutions”, in which Jarre uses a megaphone. Jarre has invited on stage a childhood hero of his’, Hank Marvin, the legend guitarist from the Shadows. Marvin is keen on Jarre’s music. He is famed for having to transpose Equinoxe V to rock guitar. They play together “London Kid” and “rendez-vous IV”. Crowd gives them thunder of applause.

Part 1: Industrial Revolution

  • Industrial Revolution: Overture
  • Industrial Revolution: Part 1
  • Industrial Revolution: Part 2
  • Industrial Revolution: Part 3
  • Equinoxe 5
  • Ethnicolor

Part 2: Swinging Sixties

  • Computer Weekend
  • Magnetic Fields II
  • Oxygene 4
  • Equinoxe 7
  • London Kid (with Hank Marvin)

Part 3: The Nineties

  • Third Rendez-Vous / Laser Harp
  • Tokyo Kid
  • Revolutions
  • Souvenir of China
  • Second Rendez-Vous
  • Fourth Rendez-Vous (with Hank Marvin)

Part 4: The Finale

  • September
  • The Emigrant

One thought on “Destination Docklands (Mega-concert, October 8-9, 1988)

  1. Hello,
    on yt you can find live radio broadcast which differs from “Destination Docklands” album/video. do you know if it was the concert from 8th broadcasted and album was done of the concert from 9th? And what is the difference between “DD” and “Jarre Live” albums? isn’t it the same?

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