Rendez-vous Lyon (Mega-concert, October 5, 1986)

Rendez-vous Lyon, France
Concert on the Quais de Saône (Out-door)
Entrance Free
Date October 5, 1986
Length 11 songs
Crew 10 musicians, 2 choirs, 1 acoustic orchestra
Audience 800.000
Notes: Jarre performs in his birth town.

In 1986, Jarre gave a concert to honor the venue of the pope John Paul II in France. This was a way for Jean Michel to set in stage nearby the place he it grown in (even though the young Jarre spent much time in Paris suburbs) in the center of the city. His Holyness supported the JMJ concert from the start with his commitments, so did the mayor of Lyons and local church authorities like Cardinal Decourtray. Some critics thought the cost of the concert (10 millions francs) was to expensive. But, Jarre had proven a few months earlier in Houston he could gitake the pressure. Indeed, the day before the concert, one million francs were missing to insure the payment of all the technicians and equipment. So did he apply the same “Coué method”. And the concert moved forward.

John Paul II would bless the crowd from the Cathedral of Fouvrière above Lyons just before the start of the concert. The security of the Pope and the Lyons people was the main issue of this incredible show. Before the concert, there were fears of an attack, due to Nostradanamus predictions about the Pop getting killed in the Lyons area. That same year, the nazi Klaus Barbie trial was going to start. Stage, in front of the Courthouse, was checked in manner to detect any bomb beneath it.

To see the show, people ran on the bridges and police loaded boats to prevent from people falling into the Saône river. Concert started an hour late because there was a gas leak with Jon Paul II pronouncing these words in french: “Bonne nuit!” (Good night!). The concert stage was spread on 2 kilometers width, with massive fireworks and powerful lightings by skytrackers. Concert was vivble from miles away. Large slide-projector images projected on the Fourviere hill include references to Human rights and portraits of the Pope. People at their window lighted candles in support to the concert. This gesture was a tradition in the city’s cultural history.

On stage, it was the same musicians as in Houston, except Dominique perrier missing and Guy Delacroix for playing live bass. Jarre gathered an adult and a children choir, along with the National Orchestra of Lyons. It was the first and only time the track Moonmachine was played in a concert. On the other hand, no Oxygène parts were played and Rendez-vous IV was played twice, with Kirk Whalum on saxophone again (like in Houston).

  1. Moonmachine
  2. Ethnicolor
  3. Wooloomooloo
  4. Magnetic Fields 2
  5. Souvenir of China
  6. Equinoxe 5
  7. Rendez-Vous 3
  8. Rendez-Vous 2
  9. Ron’s Piece
  10. Rendez-Vous 4

2 thoughts on “Rendez-vous Lyon (Mega-concert, October 5, 1986)

  1. The full tracklisting for the Lyon concert was:

    1. Ethnicolor
    2. Chants Magnetiques 1
    3. Wooloomooloo
    4. Equinoxe 7
    5. Souvenir de Chine
    6. Equinoxe 5
    7. Rendezvous 3 (Laser Harp)
    8. Rendezvous 2
    9. Ron’s Piece
    10. Rendezvous 4
    11. Encore – Rendezvous 2 (Excerpt)

    Moon Machine was on the VHS release only.

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