Europe in concert (European Tour, July to October 1993)

Europe in concert
European Tour, 14 venues
Entrance Hotel residents
Date 14 dates
Length 15 songs depending on the venue
Crew 4 keyboardists, a guitar and bass player and a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 660.000 total
Notes: Jarre promotes Chronologie in an european tour with a “rock” band in spectacular venues.

With the album Chronologie and his new job of ambassador of goodwill of the UNESCO, Jarre went on tour with the largest stage – done by Mark Fisher – ever designed. 150 meters large, eleven screens from six to 25 meters tall. In fact, two of these gigantic stages were built in order to bring them up quicker between two venues. The crew adapted the stage to the place they would perform in: the stage could wane from eleven to nine giant screens.Two mettalic turrets towards the stage sheltered the laser, projection and PA. There were big time fireworks, aswell.

On stage along with lots of analog synths next to the digital ones, the electric guitar from Patrick Rondat was introduced for chorusing and soloing Jarres’ classics favorites : Equinoxe 4, Magnetic Fields 2, Rendez-vous 4, and the smash hit from the new album : Chronologie 4, played as an encore. Rondat had fun on a new song called Digisequencer, that was different everynight, like bringing a flamenco orchestra to stage.

A VHS of the concert from Barcelona was recorded. Excerpts of the Wembley date were mixed into the Hong Kong live album in 1994, which was pretty much the same track-list. The concert of the Mont Saint Michel, the first venue of the tour, was characterized by a trafic jam, that prevented people who bought tickets to see the concert. The Sevilla concert was done next to an articial lake. 660.000 tickets were sold.

  • July 28th: Mont Saint-Michel, France
  • August 1st: Lausanne, Switzerland
  • August 19th: Budapest, Hungary
  • August 24th: Brussels, Belgium, Atomium
  • August 28th: London, UK, Wembley Stadium
  • September 1st: Manchester, UK
  • September 5th: Marseilles, France
  • September 11th and 12th: Berlin, Germany, Waldbühne
  • September 21st: Montauban, France
  • September 24th: Château de Versailles, France
  • September 29th: Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • October 2nd: Sevilla, Spain
  • October 6th: Barcelona, Spain
  • October 16th: Tours, France

One thought on “Europe in concert (European Tour, July to October 1993)

  1. I was at the 1993 Wembley concert and it blew my mind. It is a shame it is not available on DVD instead of its small inclusion in the Europe album.

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