Legends of the Lost City (December 1-2-3, 1992)

Legends of the Lost City
Laser and light show in South Africa
Entrance Hotel residents
Date December 1,2,3, 1992
Length 9 songs and two unpublished tracks
Crew Music digitally recorded to lasers and lights
Audience 45.000 total
Notes: Jarre write a laser and light show for the opening of an hotel.

Jarre wrote a show for the opening of a luxury hotel in South Africa, in a resort called Sun City. It is a laser and light show, and the music is controlled by computer. A hundred people set the stage for this massive event, fireworks and skytrckers like in a proper Jarre concert. It was made private for the residents of the hotel (15.000). Jarre was willing to africanise his music with dancers from Botswana and traditional african percussions. Two unreleased tracks were displayed: Lost City and Volcanic Dance. No recordings were made of this spectacular show.

  • “Lost City”
  • “Eldorado”
  • “Equinoxe 4”
  • “Oxygene 4”
  • “Magnetic Fields 2”
  • “Volcanic Dance”
  • “Wooloomooloo”
  • “Rendez-Vous 2”
  • “Rendez-Vous 4”

2 thoughts on “Legends of the Lost City (December 1-2-3, 1992)

  1. I was one of the fortunate few to to be at this concert.
    Tickets were hyper-expensive ; I paid about half a month’s salary for 2 tickets, 3 months in advance when ticket-sales opened.
    About a month before the show, all tickets were sold out, and the black market was booming. I received offers of tripple my original cost.
    No way was I gonna part with my treasure.
    Needles to say, the show by my idol was spectacular!
    It utilised the massive Hotel complex with it’s adjoining waterpark and man-made beach, as well as the Pilanesberg hill overlooking the complex, including the valley.

    The SAUK (South African Broadcasting Corporation) televised a once-only documentary of the event some time later.

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