Swatch the world (October 25-26, 1992)

Swatch the world
Concert to celebrate the 100 million swatch sold (Out-door)
Entrance Free
Date October 25-26 1992
Length 8 songs and one unpublished track
Crew Music digitally recorded to lasers and lights
Audience 100.000
Notes: Jarre hosts a Swatch show in a small village.

The swiss company Swatch asked Jean Michel to conceive a special watch, the Swatch Musicall, with a special ring bell he’d compose. This little tune is the basis of the premiered song “Une alarme qui swingue” that is an early version of Chronologie IV and V. The CEO of Swatch joined his employees to this laser and light show in a small village called Zermatt. 100.000 people gathered the shows. This is the first of Jarre’s laser and light shows with no musicians.

Swatch later on would put money into Jarre’s Europe in Concert tour.

  • “Swatch Countdown”
  • “Une Alarme Qui Swingue Overture”
  • “Equinoxe 4”
  • “Revolutions”
  • “Zoolookologie”
  • “Oxygene 4”
  • “Magnetic Fields 2”
  • “Rendez-Vous 2”
  • “Une Alarme Qui Swingue”

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