Concert for Tolerance (Mega-concert, July 14, 1995)

Concert for Tolerance
Champ-de-mars, Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Entrance Free
Date July 14, 1995
Length 19 songs
Crew 4 keyboardists, a guitar and bass player, a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 1,250,000
Notes: Jarre plays in front of the Eiffel Tower for UNESCO to celebrate Tolerance

The concert named Concert for Tolerance, was planned by Jarre and UNESCO to be played on the “Place des Invalides”, but the venue changed about two weeks before the beginning of the concert. The stress was very high on both technicians and musicians, who had to meet up with the challenge of transforming the Eiffel Tower into the backdrop of a spectacular laser and light show. This was the second time Jarre would perform next to the Eiffel Tower, and the third time he would for the National Day in France. At the beginning of the concert, Jarre was wearing a typical french beret. Later on, he dressed with a striped coat.

Before the concert, the “French Air Patrol jets” called “Patrouille de France” would fly over Paris, and when they come nearby the Eiffel Tower, the concert could begin to the sound of Chronologie 6. Shortly after the beginning of the concert, one of the giant screens behind the stage would tear up.

Jarre had no album to promote, so he went on with a large and juicy choice of his finest tracks from all of his repertoire, including a rendition of acclaimed Ethnicolor and Magnetic Fields 1, plus a large amount of Chronologie tracks. Jarre invited several guests to the concert, his Algerian friend singer Khaled to perform Revolution and Eldorado, Richard Cross on Chronologie 3, next to a giant drag-queen. For the vocal parts, the french army choirs singed while giant screens were showing planes morphing to graves. Other spectacular images include drawings from children from Bosnia and starving children in Africa. The concert was a great success, and there were no serious injuries among the massive crowd standing on the Champ-de-Mars that night.


1. Countdown
2. Chronologie 6
3. Revolutions
4. Chronologie 3
5. Equinoxe 7
6. Souvenir of China
7. Chronologie 4
8. Les Chants Magnétiques 1
9. Ethnicolor
10. Vivaldi Tribute (with Patrick Rondat)
11. Révolution Industrielle (Ouverture)
12. Révolution Industrielle part 1
13. Révolution Industrielle part 2
14. Révolution Industrielle part 3
15. Band in the rain (unplugged)
16. Oxygène 4
17. Digisequencer
18. Eldorado
19. Calypso
20. Rendez-vous 4


• Jean Michel Jarre (synthétiseurs)
• Dominique Perrier (synthétiseurs)
• Francis Rimbert (synthétiseurs)
• Sylvain Durand (synthétiseurs)
• Laurent Faucheux (batterie)
• Dominique Mahut (percussions)
• Guy Delacroix (basse)
• Patrick Rondat (guitare électrique).


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