Festa Italiana (Showcase, September 10, 1995)

Festa Italiana
Outdoor TV show in Turin, Italy
Entrance Free
Date September 10, 1995
Length 2 songs
Crew 2 keyboardists, a guitar and bass player and a drummer
Audience 300,000
Notes: Fiat invites Jarre and other international artists to celebrate the company’s new cars

Jarre played two tracks under poor weather conditions live on RAI TV in Italy. He was part of the several artist that Fiat had invited to perform on Piazza Vittorio Venetto. The show was aimed to promote Fiat Bravo and Brava. The crowd of 300.000 was soaked in the middle of the performance, but Jarre made fun of the hazardous situation and this showcase was greeted by the Italian audience.

Jarre performed two of his best-known tracks, Rendez-vous IV and Chronologie IV. Patrick Rondat had to perform extra solo work to wait while Jarre was fixing some technical issues. On the TV broadcast, we could see the italian host of the show, Pippo Baudo, standing right next to the frenchman, which was really annoying. There were some fireworks, too, but the TV missed them while focusing on Jarre’s retro-lighted keyboard. At the end of the two songs, the rain suddenly stopped.


1. Chronologie 4
2. Rendez-Vous 4


• Jean Michel Jarre (synths)
• Dominique Perrier (synths)
• Guy Delacroix (bass)
• Laurent Faucheux (drums)
• Patrick Rondat (Electric guitar)


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