Hong Kong stadium (March 11, 1994)

Hong Kong
Stadium re-opening
Entrance Payable
Date March 11, 1994
Length 15 songs
Crew 5 keyboardists, a guitar and bass player, a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 50,000
Notes: Jarre plays an extra-venue with the Europe in Concert set to fire up the newcoming Chinese state.

A poll was made to ask hong-kong people which music star they would prefer for the initial concert of the new Hong Kong stadium. Jarre “beated” Michael Jackson and Madonna with a large amount of votes. The political background for this event was the English giving up this territory to the Chinese authorities.

The music was the smae than the Europe in Concert set, except that there were two special songs that the chinese requested for, in rememberance of the China 81‘s tour: Souvenir of Cina and Fishing Junks at sunset. These two live recordings featured on the hong Kong double-LP Jarre released afterwards, and curious enough, was namely Wembley stadium recordings the disc through except those two tracks.


1. Countdown
2. Chronologie 2
3. Equinoxe 4
4. Souvenir of China
5. Chronologie 4
6. Oxygene 4
7. Chronologie 6
8. Chronologie 3
8. Chants Magnétiques 2
9. Chronologie 8
10. Digisequencer
11. Band in the rain (unplugged)
12. Fishing Junks at sunset
13. Rendez-Vous 4
14. Rendez-Vous 2
15. Chronologie 4 (encore)


Jean Michel Jarre (synths)
• Dominique Perrier (synths)
• Francis Rimbert (synths)
• Sylvain Durand (synths)
• Laurent Faucheux (drums)
• Dominique Mahut (percusssions)
• Michel Valy (bass guitar)
• Patrick Rondat (electric guitar)


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