Moscow Hills (Mega-concert, September 6, 1997)

Oxygene Mocow
Moscow University (Outdoor)
Entrance Free
Date September 6, 1997
Length 20 songs
Crew 4 keyboardists, a guitar and bass player, a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 3,500,000 (World record)
Notes: The largest Jarre concert ever, to celebrate the 850th anniversary of Moscow

This huge concert was given on top of the highest hill of Moscow, so that all the city could enjoy the lights, lasers and music from Jean Michel Jarre. The gigantic building of Moscow State University, of Stalinist style, was the perfect backdrop for very large images Jarre chose to be linked with the city’s past, present and future. Four SU-27 jet planes from the Russian army flew past the location and dropped fireworks to launch the show.

The music was very much alike the one from the Oxygene Tour, so this a concert was pretty much an interlude between smaller events in Jarre’s 1997 marathon. The rehearsals took place in Paris at the end of August (and still no guitar by Patrick Rondat).

This concert achieved the greatest amount of audience ever, but the final count was very tough for Guinness Book of records official, that it wasn’t approved. Still an estimated three and a half million people followed the concert. Giant screens were displayed all around the Red Square in Moscow.

Before the show, a kid gave Jean Michel a beret with a red star, which he promised he’ll wear the day of the concert. And so, he did. In the Moscow act, Jarre managed to discuss live with the cosmonauts of MIR orbital station. Giant puppets and inflatable characters were on stage.

The concert was given a few days after the death of Lady Diana (31 August 2007), and the track Souvenir of China, renamed soberly “Souvenir” was dedicated to her. Jarre knew the Princess from the time of the Docklands concerts in London and even danced with her. And when 3 and a half million people would their breath for a minute of silence, it chills you.


1. Countdown
2. Rendez-Vous 2
3. Ethnicolor
4. Equinoxe 7
5. Chronologie 6
6. Magnetic Fields 1
7. Oxygène 11
(Minute of silence)
8. Souvenir (of China) (Dedicated to Princess Diana)
9. Equinoxe 4
(Link to MIR station )
10. Oxygène 7
11. Oxygène 10
12. Oxygène 2
13. Magnetic Fields 2
14. Oxygène 4
15. Chronologie 4
16. Oxygène 8
17. Oxygène 12
18. Revolution
19. Rendez-Vous 4
20. Oxygène 13 (Dedicated to Russia)


Jean Michel Jarre (synths)
Francis Rimbert (synths)
Dominique Perrier (synths)
Dominique Mahut (percussions)
Laurent Faucheux (drums)
Christopher Papendiek (bass guitar)


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