Oxygène Tour 1997 (European Tour, May to October 1997)

Oxygène Tour
European Tour, 37 venues
Entrance Payable
Date May 3 to June 26 (Europe) and October 10 to 20 (France) 1997
Length 18 songs
Crew 3 keyboardists, a bass player, a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 100,000 overall
Notes: Jarre plays most of both “Oxygène” plus classic tracks on analog synths for his first in-door tour ever.

When Oxygène 7-13 came out, Jarre rediscovered his analog instruments and decided they would play the main part in his first tour in indoor halls. The main difference with the former tour (Europe in concert) was that he did not include guitar freak Patrick Rondat and made it thereby more electronica and less rock. Magnetic Fields 2 is totally rethinked in a more “IDM” way. The set is impressive with 26 keyboards and of course, the laser harp (which did not work everynight, however). Sound is total 75 kilowatts, even causing power outages in Grenoble.


Jarre intended to go on a world circuit with his Oxygène tour, but, due to the very expensive shows (about 76.000 euros a concert), he dropped the idea, and gave instead an intensive european one. On that year 1997, after the first leg of the Tour, Jarre went to Moscow for a massive out-door concert, and came back in October for a french tour. Jarre teamed with students in digital images from Sup’Info Com in Valenciennes, France to design animation for some tracks. Elsewhere, the VJ Jessie Deep uses X-Pose, a new software to build images in real-time he is experimenting.

Main track-listing

1. Oxygène 7 (harpe laser)
2. Oxygène 2
3. Equinoxe 7
4. Oxygène 6
5. Chronologie 6
6. Chants Magnétiques 1
7. Oxygène 10
8. Oxygène 4
9. Oxygène 11
10. Souvenir de Chine
11. Chants Magnétiques 2
12. Oxygène 5
13. Présentation musiciens
14. Oxygène 8
15. Révolutions
16. Oxygène 12
17. Equinoxe 4
18. Oxygène 13


Jean Michel Jarre (synths)
Francis Rimbert (synths)
Dominique Perrier (synths)
Dominique Mahut (percussions)
Laurent Faucheux (drums)
Christopher Papendiek (bass guitar)


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