Wetten Dass (Showcase, March 22, 1997)

Wetten Dass TV Special
German TV live broadcast from Vienna
Entrance Free
Date March 22, 1997
Length 1 song
Crew 2 keyboardists, a bass player and a percussionist
Audience Unknown
Notes: Jarre plays outdoor in Vienna Oxygène 8 as pre-launch of the Oxygène 7-13 album in a German TV show

Jean Michel chose the popular German TV show to perform the first single from the new album that year, Oxygène 8. He was live from Vienna’s famous Rathausplatz, along with three of his musicians. Jarre had brought a modular synthesizer to stage. Dancing to the music, Peter Marshalls’ giant puppet from Jarre’s Concert for Tolerance (1995) also amazed the audience.

  • Jean-Michel Jarre (Synths)
  • Francis Rimbert (Synths)
  • Dominique Mahut (Percussions)
  • Christopher Papendieck (Bass)

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