France Festival
Two showcases in-doors in Tokyo
Entrance On invitation
Date April 29-30, 1998
Length 3 songs
Crew 2 keyboardists and a singer
Audience 1,000
Notes: Jarre and Japanese superstar TK Komuro play for the year of France n Japan

This is the first time Jean Michel performs with the synth wizard and acclaimed producer from Japan, Tetsuyka “TK” Komuro. They play in front of president Jacques Chirac to celebrate the year of France in China. This event is a way of meeting french and japanese culture through a whole program of festivities. They play two nights in a row, the song Together now, they composed together (you could have guessed it), with young singer Olivia, and on April the 30th, a remix version of Oxygène 13 (to be released on Odyssey through O²) is performed aswell.