Imac Night in Paris (Showcase, September 18, 1998)

Concert for Tolerance
Paris Congresshall
Entrance On invitation
Date September 18, 1998
Length 14 songs
Crew 1 keyboardist, 1 DJ, 2 drummers, 1 bass player
Audience 6,000
Notes: Jarre plays his first concert in which viewers must wear 3D glasses.


To see Jarre’s showcase aside Apple expo, you must have registered on the website of the Steve Job’s company. That year, the Imac was showed to the audience, and Jarre used them on stage to produce 3D pictures the audience could see with special glasses. On 5 giant screens were shown new visuals create by JarKaos software by Jessie Deep and Jarre himself. Just before the show, one of the projectors failed, delaying the show.

Imac Night featured some of Odyssey through O² remix, and some of the Oxygene Tour material. This concert was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of electronic music, but a large amount of the audience wasn’t composed of Jarre fan but rather of Apple geeks. Some VIP had reserved seats in the front spot. That create a strange but refreshing feel to the whole experience. On the track Chronologie 6, Jarre’s daughter, Emilie, danced for the audience.


Oxygene 10 Transcenegenics 1
Chronologie 6
Oxygene 8 Hani’s Oxygene 303
Paris Underground
Souvenir de Chine
Equinoxe 4
Oxygene 10 Resistence D Treatment
Oxygene 8 Sunday Club
Oxygene 2
Oxygene 11
Oxygene 12
Oxygene 13


  • Jean-Michel Jarre (synths)
  • Christopher Papendieck (bass)
  • DJ Claude Monnet (DJ set)
  • Drums: Paul Kodish et Cliff Hewitt (Appolo440 member)
  • VJ: Jessie Deep

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