Cairo, 2000

The twelve dreams of the sun (Mega-concert, December 31, 1999)

The Millenium Concert
Pyramids of Cairo (Outdoor)
Entrance Payable
Date From December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000
Length 2 sets of 22 songs the night, 6 the next morning
Crew 2 keyboardists, a bass player, a DJ, singers, acoustic muscians from Egypt and a drummer
Audience 115,000
Notes: The celebration of the Millenium by Jean Michel Jarre.

This show on Millenium was indeed a great show! It was cost nearly 10 million dollars. It was played in front of the Pyramids of Egypt and two concert were given to the audience: One on the eve of Year 2000, and one on 1st of January. Jarre slept only a few hours between both of them. To keep the audience awake, an orchestra played traditionnal tunes while the sun was sleeping.

On stage with him was Christopher Papendiek, Francis Rimbert, Gary Willis, the drummer from Pink Floyd, and Joachim Garraud, the DJ who helped Jean Michel since Metamorphoses. But there also an arabic orchestra and choirs. The whole concept was describing 12 dreams of the sun, who, in Egyptian culture, is very important. Jarre wanted the government to let him put a gold helmet on the Pyramids itself, but it was refused. The fog kept the designer of the show Mark Fisher from projectiong images on the monuments, whereas it could have been seen enough by the audience.

The concert was brodacasted on Internet, to about 2 million people. The countdown to Year 2K was broadcasted by dozens of TVs all around the world.

Track listing

The First Concert

* The Legend
* Bells
* Je Me Souviens
* Dream 1: The Rock
* Miss Moon
* Oxygene 2
* Dream 2: The House
* Chronologie 6
* Dream 3: The Tree
* Equinoxe 7
* Magnetic Fields 2
* Dream 4: The Boat
* Millions of Stars
* Dream 5: The Flesh
* Souvenir of China
* Oxygene 10
* Dream 6: The Voice
* Oum Kalsoum tribute
* Dream 7: The Sky
* Hey Gagarin
* Dream 8: The Child (wasn’t performed fully due to timing issues)
* Gloria
* Millennium Countdown
* C’est La Vie
* Salma Ya Salama
* Dream 9: The Bell
* Equinoxe 4
* Dream 10: The Snow
* Oxygene 4
* Tout est Bleu
* Dream 11: The Blood
* Evolutions – (ex-Revolutions)
* Oxygene 12
* Dream 12: The Gate
* Give Me A Sign
* Oxygene 8
* Band in the Rain
* Rendez-vous 2

The Sunrise Concert (January 1st 2000)

* Ethnicolor
* Oxygene 7
* C’est La Vie
* The Sun
* Hey Gagarin
* Eldorado


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