Aero – Tribute to the Wind (Outdoor, Denmark) September 7th, 2002

Aero, a tribute to the wind
Aalborg, Denmark
Entrance Payable
Date September 7th, 2002
Length Two hours
Crew 2 musicians, plus Safri Duo, choir and orchestra
Audience 35,000
Notes: The first massive Jarre concert featuring only two keyboardist on stage.

Giant concert with fireworks in a windmill field based in Aalborg, Denmark.

Jean Michel Jarre was on stage with Francis Rimbert, and guested percussion wizards of Safri Duo.
There was no laser harp played, but a Dynacord guitar instead. Between the tracks, Jean Michel used a headset from time to time to comment on wind energy, to match with the 45 feet tall screening behind him.
The audience was 35,000 young people and the concert lasted two hours and ended under heavy rain. People were standing in the mud for the last twenty minutes of the show and most had their cars stuck in the outside parking.

:: Tracklisting ::

AERO Introduction
Oxygene 4
Chronologie 6
Oxygene 2
Equinoxe 4
Magnetic Fields 2
Millions of Stars
Equinoxe 7
Magnetic Fields 1
Oxygene 8
Souvenir of China
Light My Sky (previously Tout est Bleu)
Oxygene 12
Rendez-Vous 2
Aero (New track with Safri Duo)
Rendez-Vous 4 (with Safri Duo)
Oxygene 13

:: Musicians ::

Jean Michel Jarre – Keyboards, Theremin, Synthesizers and Percussion
Francis Rimbert – Keyboards, Synthesizers and Percussion
Coro Misto & Klarup Pigekor Girl Choirs
The Symphonic Orchestra of Aalborg
Safri Duo – Percussions on ‘AERO’ and ‘Rendez-vous 4’


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