These two (three with the rehearsals) concerts were given off for charity. The money earned went to the building of a childrens’ hospital in Greece. Jarre’s fee was also given to charity.
The concerts were held each night at the Herodus Antique Theater backing the Acropolis to an audience of 5,000. The design set was again from Mark Fisher.
The show was broadcasted live on local television.

:: Tracklisting ::

Oxygene 4
Oxygene 2
Equinoxe 4
Magnetic Fields 2
Je Me Souviens
Chronologie 3
Oxygene 8
Magnetic Fields 1
Ethnicolor” (played once)
Four Seasons / Vivaldi Tribute (Patrick Rondat)
Gloria Lonely Boy
Oxygene 13
Souvenir of China
Equinoxe 7
Chronologie 6
Rendez-Vous 2
Oxygene 12
Akropolis (new track)
Rendez-Vous 4

:: Musicians ::

Jean Michel Jarre – Keyboards, Laser Harp, Vocals
Francis Rimbert – Keyboards and Synthesizers
Christopher Papendieck – Bass & Keyboards
Patrick Rondat – Electric Guitar
Laurent Faucheux – Drums
Vasiliki Karagianni – Soprano on Chronologie 3
The Hellenic Festival Choir – directed by Stavros Beris and D. Kanaris
Enarmonia Orchestra – conducted by Chrisanthos Alisafis