Fan portraits (#02) Kanta from England

Kanta from Zoolook.nlThis time, we are asking Kanta, a member of the forum and partner, her views about Jean Michel, being a fan, and so on. Quie an intersting reading!

1- Under which circumstances did you discover Jarre?

I discovered Jean Michel when my sister and I inherited a record player from my Uncle and Auntie. It was a present to us as they were emigrating. We had no vinyl to play on the record player to start with and my cousin gave us at the same time the Oxygene album on vinyl. I was 11 years old. It left a very big impact on me listening to the Oxygene album on vinyl. So big was the impact, that we bought the Equinoxe album on vinyl. My discovering only lasted a few years but left a long and lasting impression.

2- When since do you consider yourself as a fan?

I consider myself a hardcore fan of Jean Michel’s since 2004 onwards. Although, I did not become a dedicated fan when I was 11 years old, the reason being there were many changes happening in my life and I became influenced on other areas. I was very lucky enough to be re-introduced to him again. It happened by chance, that I came across the Oxygene in Moscow concert, which was showing, on Sky Digital on the Performance Channel. Purely by good fortune, Jean Michel returned back into my life. Since 2004 I have made up for the lost years, I hope.

3- What are your three favorite albums?

Oxygene – The first time I heard this album, I was totally impressed to what I was listening to. When you are 11 years old, you are starting to appreciate music of all walks of life. The album was a huge step ahead of this. The music is far beyond the future and ultimately very unique in producing electronic sounds by analogue synthesizers.

Oxygene 7-13 – The “continuation” of the Oxygene album is the best tribute Jean Michel could have given to the first one. This album chooses a formation like its predecessor but also manages to provide a breakthrough in exceptional sounds and rhythms.

Equinoxe – The album is tremendous and reflects the pathway to electronic genius. This album is a masterpiece of sounds and melodies.

4- Do you collect Jarre items and if so, which kind (discs, merchandising,…) ?

Yes, I do collect Jean Michel’s merchandise. I have all his albums on CD, 98% of his concert books, all his official DVDs to date, various posters and t-shirts. My pride and joy is Oxygene and Oxygene 7-13 CD covers signed by him. Also, signed by Jean Michel is my two concert programmes from 2008 and 2009.

5- Did you ever want to make your own music?

Yes, I would dearly like to make my own music due to Jean Michel’s influence. I would like to compose similar music that Jean Michel produces. Maybe, even to begin with covering or remixing Oxygene 13. My favourite track to date!

6- Did Jarre ever change your sight on things outside music like architecture, photograph, environment, painting?

Yes, I look at things differently with Jean Michel’s knowledge and opinion. He believes strongly for sounds and textures from various angles. This could apply to all.

7- Do you speak about Jarre to your fellow mates of family and what are the most usual reactions?

Yes, I do. Some are surprise how he looks nowadays and others like to hum Oxygene 4. Others do not know him at all. I inform them that Jean Michel Jarre is the godfather, a pioneer and a mastero of electronic music. But most do know the album Oxygene.

8- What do you search by being on Jarre forums?

The latest up to date news, gossip and any background knowledge whether it would be the past, present and future on Jean Michel. Also, to interact with fans about other topics that do not relate to Jean Michel. I am very proud that I am a Moderator on a Jean Michel forum – . A privilege to serve the Jean Michel Jarre community there and other related forums.

9- Has there been a moment when you wanted to drop it all?

No, not drop it all but take a little time away. Sometimes, a good thing can control you too much.

10- If you had to describe Jarre to a person that does not know Jarre at all, what would you tell him first?

Jean Michel is a unique French composer and pioneer of electronic music. His music and concerts have created the utmost highest level of musical talent to a point where he is the leader that influences the future musical generation.

11- If you could meet Jarre one-to-one for five minutes, what would you tell him?

Firstly, I would mention that his music has given me numerous amount of hours of enjoyment and thank him from my heart for this. That I admire and respect him as an artist. For all the good things he has achieved for electronic music through his work. Including, his valuable contribution work for UNESCO. How I have learnt so much from him by being his fan. That he is a true inspiration to all his fans and I hope the best for more to come. Another opportunity to do the friendship handshake, as well.

12- What other artists (electronic artists) do please you?

I listen to many types of music depending on the mood, Beethoven to Cheryl Cole. My most favorite artists are Madonna, Kraftwerk, Röyksopp, David Guetta, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Enigma, Lady GaGa etc. To name just a few as the list is quite long. I also enjoy listening to Jean Michel’s fans who compose music. They are very talented in their own right making Jean Michel’s covers, remixes or composing their own music. I have such admiration for them.

13- What is, in your opinion, the greatest concert of Jean Michel? And why?

All his concerts have been spectacular. So much time, effort and work to bring to his fans these fantastic and amazing concerts. The one I choose is very personal and special to me. It is the first concert that I had ever attended which was at Théâtre Marigny, Paris (Oxygene in Paris) in 2007. Ten concerts were played on individual nights and I was there on the first night. The feeling I had when I saw Jean Michel for the first time on stage live was truly an emotional one. I remember thinking that this is vastly different from watching him on the television. There was no television screen between us and I could not pause. It really felt like one to one.

Thanks a lot Kanta for answering my questions!


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