Jarre struggles for worldwide education

“From this night on I will give one cent of every ticket for the purpose of education. And this will be until the end of my life,” the musician said during his concert in Arena Armeets Sports Palace of the Bulgarian capital.

“From now on until the rest of my life in all my concerts I will do this and I will encourage all my colleagues to do it,” Jarre said. “One cent per ticket is nothing. But if we multiply it by the number of performers, the number of tickets sold for concerts, the seats in cinemas, the newspaper copies sold, the sports events, we will have the budget for education ready tomorrow morning”.

According to the latest UNESCO figures, some 793 millions adults worldwide do not have basic reading and writing skills, which means that one out of five adults is illiterate and 67,4 millions children are out of school. The number of children who do not attend school regularly or drop out of the educational system is even greater. According to the latest Education For All Global Monitoring Report, 16 billion US dollars would be needed by 2015 to achieve education for all.

Jean Michel Jarre is on tour until 20 November and is scheduled to perform in Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Lithuania, Scandinavia, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Switzerland.



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