Jarre to perform free giant concert in Perth, Australia

Discussions are going on about the City of Perth to stage a giant outdoor concert of Jean Michel Jarre, in front of – at least 80.000 people in city foreshore. Perth’s Langley Park is the place chosen for the concert which will be held on 17, november 2012.

If approved by local regulators (A city committee will debate the bold bid on Tuesday night. ), ‘Rendez-Vous Perth’ would be free to the public except for 8000 privileged patrons holding gold, VIP and corporate tickets.

The following informations are from One Perth. The grassy park would be locked down for a month from October 26 to November 26, so massive stages and stands could be erected and dismantled.
To help concert-goers see Jarre, six giant screens would be erected along the length of Langley Park.
City of Perth officials have recommended the concert be approved because it would provide Perth with a “rare opportunity to experience such a visually exciting free concert”.


9 thoughts on “Jarre to perform free giant concert in Perth, Australia

  1. It is great news, would be evan better if it was confirmed somewhere. I keep looking but no where is it confirmed that this concert will go ahead !!!!

  2. Is this concert going to happen ????? Seems not looking like it may now, is getting close and still no confirmation of it..

  3. Woah how super exciting!!! I will always remember going to this concert back home in France when I was a teenager. I now live in the beautiful city of Perth and find it awesome that he wants to come here and sees Perth for how superb it is. Just awesome and can’t wait!

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