Giant concert in Perth or elsewhere in Australia now expected in 2014

Edit : follow the latest on the postpone of the Australian show here.
Jarre visting Perth in July 2012, in the Langley Park
Expectations about Jarre giving – or not a giant concert in Australia are getting higher and higher, as the Frenchman came to Perth this week for a couple of days to discuss the concert plans with the promotor and people from the city.

The initial date of November 2012 has been postponed to March 2013 (the date is not known precisely).
I am able to tell you that the concert will be huge, indeed, involving ten giant towers (Screens and/or Loudspeakers) as the scenery.
People from the Perth region (children and musicians) will be involved, aswell. The Laser and light mania will be broadcasted widely.
Prepare for a big show !

Jean Michel Jarre has been named internationa ambassador for the fashoin week in Perth to be held later this week.
The news from Australian newspaper


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