Jarre in the Bougival studio, 2010

This film is part of the interview given to French Television in 2010, named Thé ou Café.

Transcription : So here you have lots of instruments, including a very analog one, which is a bicycle. When inspiration does not come, it’s extremely good to go and find inspiration along the Seine river. So instrument very, very important studio, … the bicycle.

Here is a piece on which we work. And .. I do not know if there is any output sound, indeed.
Technology will dictate the style and not the reverse. Therefore, these instruments there, allow me to do a few things that I could not do at all, two or three centuries ago. But I think today, for example, if Vivaldi lived, he would be Metallica.

I was one of the first … to early work on these instruments, that way, that is to say, looking at music in terms of sounds and not simply in terms of notes or music theory. There was nothing to compare to. And it is staggering in a sense, but is extremely comfortable in the other. It really allows you to approach things in a completely unconscious and innocent.

[Introducing the Theremin]

It is an instrument that works with electromagnetic waves and in fact you have an antenna which is the volume, and an antenna that is the height. You see?


The inspiration is the fact of being in a state of sponge to absorb the different things that happen in life. And actually, all these emotions, I transcribed with my medium, which are the instruments that have been all my life since I decided to make that music and not another.

I think when we want to express ourselves, through a pen and paper when writing in example, we see that it’s the tool that determines your style. And not the reverse.
The idea of transmission is something fundamental and important for me. When there are many, many young people who ask questions about how to approach music, etc.. in terms of inspiration, style and what we want to do, I say it’s absolutely important to follow his own path and get to follow the precept of Cocteau is “Do the way people blame you, because by doing it, you’ll be yourself “. And trying to dig inner self more than just be influenced or copy.
The creation as from eternity been linked not to follow a line, but trying to find his own.

Nota: thanks to Dr. Jones for the video editing.


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