Jarre interviewed by French Channel Arte

Youtube Video

Here is the transcription of the latest interview of Jean Michel Jarre in Tracks, a french pop-culture magazine both in German and French langage.

Arte: A sound laboratory, a mad scientist … But what happened to Jean Michel Jarre? The abuse of Oxygen, no doubt.
Where goes the mega shows of Jean Michel Jarre, the grass does not grow more. His first outdoor concert in July 1979, Place de la Concorde attracts over one million people. That builds an ego.
JMJ: “I even remember that night after the concert, there’s a guy with a beard, he had a head a bit like Fidel Castro, he leaned towards me and said: ” I’ve never seen anything alike of my life “and I say,” Thank you, that’s nice ” and someone told me,” You know who that was? It was Mick Jagger.”

Arte: Oxygen 4 was released in 1976 and made ​​a stratospheric career against all odds.
JMJ: “The evidence is that this record has been denied by virtually all majors. From the first albums of “Oxygen”, there are many who have been dismissed, because it began with a sort of wind soubd and people thought it was a mistake on the disk, and therefore, there was a lot of feedback with people saying that there was a fault on the vinyl. ‘

Arte: But past the initial hesitation, the hit single is spread at the speed of a laser. Today, the atmosphere is always rosy. Oxygen has sold 15 million copies, making it the best selling electronic album in the world. Unexpected journey to the one who made his first steps in Pierre Schaeffer, the father of musique concrète and electro-acoustics.
Jean Michel André Jarre was born in 1948 in Lyon. His mother is a former resistant in WWII, and his father is the famous composer of film music, Maurice Jarre. He was five when his father filed for divorce and flew to the sun Hollywoood.
JMJ: “I have hardly ever seen. And then, my relationship to music, not his, but in general, is not necessarily linked to moments of joy, because it is better to be in open conflict with his father rather than nothing, that a hole. ‘

Arte: On weekends, mom deposits the small Jean Michel in a jazz club in Paris, run by a family friend. Chet Baker in person to play a small concert for her birthday.

(Photo from the cover of Equinox) Despite holding disco, it is jazz and rythm’n’blues that marked his youth.
JMJ: “The song that really impressed and influenced – and the artist – this is the first time I heard Ray Charles. And it was Georgia on my mind “(Video Clip)
“This kind of encounter between the side happy, that masks a kind of sadness or melancholy. ‘

Arte: Inventing the electro-esoteric, Jean Michel Jarre became more famous than his father. Three and a half million people attended to one of his concerts in 1997. But he also knows settle for a simple indoor stadium.

(Jean Michel present his instruments)
JMJ: “That’s one of the first synths that I had, which at the time was in a suitcase that was a little “James Bond against Doctor No”-feel and of course, has no memory. That’s why I have several synths, which are programmed for a class of sounds.
Here I have a new instrument that is related to the laser harp I use this great one, and a mini-harp. I love harps much as an instrument. It is an instrument that is very visual, it was at the same time the instrument of gods and angels, and at the same time there is a very sexual side in aharpes, because people who play their instrument always between the legs, and I love much (this …) ”

Arte: Jean Michel Jarre has designed the concept of one-man band in another dimension. Let’s see what inspires our choice of vinyl. There are evil imps and competition lurking …
JMJ: “Chariots of Fire, it is also a music account twice for me, because first, this is my colleague Vangelis Papathanassiou. (Puts vinyl) Well, this is it. but it is true that it is one of the great classics beyond electronics. It is electronic and acoustic music since the theme is played on the piano.
There are “lots of good stuff there.”
AC-DC, this is something we do not talk too much, but I’m a big fan of hard rock, and for me, the hard-rock has always greatly influenced. I think if Vivaldi was born in the 50s or 60s, it would be part of Metallica. In addition, AC-DC is a band I like a lot on stage. So, it must play a lot harder than that, but here it is limited by the technique. ‘

Arte: What does it happens very rarely. Night after night, the Prophet did not finish propagating frequencies.


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