Infiné by JMJ French label InFiné Music announced proudly that Jean Michel Jarre himself picked out 12 tracks for a compilation record to be released digitally the 14th of january.

The new year we will start with an exceptional cooperation because InFiné asked none other than the great famous compatriot Jean Michel Jarre if he could put together a compilation. Jarre took charge of the label catalog and put together his 12 favorites, on the 14th January will be published under the name “InFiné By JMJ”. The tracklist will be given later, for now it remains a surprise, who will be there.

“InFiné belongs in the league of the label, which puts a daring the day, which can be represented only by true artists. It continually demonstrates how important it is to have a common vision and ambition to initiate innovative projects and to finish … “(JMJ)

Here’s the track-listing for the Infiné by JMJ album:
1. Oxia – Exaila
2. Murcof – Como Quisiera Decirte (original from The Los Angeles Negros)
3. Rone – Tasty City
4. Aufgang – Sonar
5. Clara Moto – Goodnight Twilight
6. Cubenx – Grass
7. Spitzer – Marsch
8. Composer – Polar Bear
9. Agoria – Under the River
10. Danton Eeprom – Vivid Love
11. Arandel – In D#7
12. Rone – Parade

Listen to the music here.