JMJ was interviewed for the International Music Summit. He gave his views on IDM and music largely speaking. here are the excerpts from the interview I took from the Twitter account of the IMS Ibiza:
“The tools to record music have gotten much better, but the way it’s heard by people has gotten worse (vinyl>CD>MP3)”
On Daft Punk: “They’re not making electronic anymore; more like disco using live instruments.”
“It’s not the music that’s electronic, it’s the instruments.”
“As popular as electronic music is, it still has that underground kind of flavor – sort of like jazz.”

“Visuals are not just the background. It has to be considered on the same level [of art] as the music itself.”
“It’s not the tools – it’s the content. The music itself is like 3D without the glasses.”
“Electronic music is close to the circus concept. Every day and every night, it’s something different.”
“When was the last time you counted how many records you’ve broken?” @jmjofficial: “Never.”
“Any artform is not dependent on just the instruments you use, but the ideas and emotions that come from it.”
“Electronic music isn’t just a ‘genre’ -it’s a new way of composing and writing music altogether.”
“I invented a new genre without even realizing it.”