20130529-120016.jpgBy Kanta Devi – follow-up to my quotes article.
I had the pleasure to attend this networking professional gathering in Ibiza which was an amazing experience.

I was privileged to meet Jean Michel before and after his Keynote Speaker interview with Ben Turner. Ben Turner asked very good questions which made the interview very interesting.
To start with Jean Michel and Nile Rogers came in together for a photo opportunity for the people who attended the event. They hope to work together one day.

Jean Michel spoke a great many of things. His English was perfect and he was very relaxed. He spoke about his personal life surrounding his music, other artist’s music, films, his family, his mothering country – France and his supporting role as an UNESCO ambassador. He mentioned that he is working on various projects but gave no in depth details. He mentioned that he would like to play a concert in Ibiza.

He spoke about how he is spending more time away from France. Two weeks ago he went to see OMD in concert in London, he visited China and Berlin. He has a love/hate relationship with France and is not happy with the political situation there. He mentioned saying that the mother of his children is English and that his children spend a lot of time in England. He also mentioned that he has had personal tragedies in the last five years which have effected him emotionally. At this point, he touched his heart with his hand.

Other points raised in the interview was about his synthesisers, that the VCS-3 was his first purchase. He said that he has more than five synthesisers but does not know the exact number. Tech City in London is a future project which he hopes to full-fill. He went into how he started to produce his Jarre Technologies speakers as he was requested to do so.

For further information I have recorded some videos which can be viewed on YouTube:

Jean Michel Jarre – Ibiza IMS (1))
Jean Michel Jarre – Ibiza IMS (2)
Jean Michel Jarre – Ibiza IMS (3)
Jean Michel Jarre – Ibiza IMS (4)

This event was very informative into his private and public professional life. At the end of the interview, Ben Turner said that time was running out and would have liked to chat about his divorces, which Jean Michel smiled and replied maybe the next panel can discuss this.

Thank you to Jean Michel Jarre and Ibiza International Music Summit 2013.