Mark Fisher, Jean Michel Jarre’s most spectacular set designer, died at 66

Mark Elliot Fisher, the great rock set designer, born April 20 1947 in Warwickshire, England, died June 25 2013 in Hampstead, England. The man notably worked with Jean Michel Jarre on The Concerts in China (1981), Rendez-vous Houston (1986), Destination Docklands, The Twelve Dreams of the Sun (1999) and Tribute to Akropolis (2001).
He was born on April 20 1947 in Warwickshire from a father schoolteacher. He graduated from the Architectural Association in London in 1971 and was overwhelmed by the rock’n’roll scene, especially Pink Floyd. His first big show was Jesus Christ Superstar.

He worked intensevely with the biggest rock bands, including Rolling Stones, U2 (Pop Mart, Zoo TV, 360° tour…), Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, but was moreover famed for his one-offs work.

He did the first staging of “The Wall” in 1980, following which he drew contact with Jean Michel Jarre. Fisher and Pink Floyd’s extravaganza would be again peaking with the 1990 staging of Roger Waters’ “The Wall” in Berlin.
Fisher worked for people as different as Madonna, Elton John or Peter Gabriel aswell as some shows for infamous Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

For a decade, starting in 1984, he established a company named “Fisher Park Partnership” with Jonathan Park Fisher then had his own company, “Stufish, the Mark Fisher Studio”.
The englishman also worked for events such as the Turino (2006) and Beijing (2008) Olympics, the lastet being Queen’s diamond Jubilee, Asian Games or the London Olympics and Paralympics mceremonies (2012).

All Jarre fans around the Planet are very sad of Mark’s death, and wish to think to his wife, Cristina Garcia.


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