Oxygene review (2013)


Our cassette of the day today is Jean Michel’s breakthrough album from 1977, ‘Oxygene‘.
Living in the shadow of a famous father can’t be very easy.
Julian Lennon struggled to live up to the successful musical standards set by his iconic Dad. I imagine the pressure on little Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John to be an accomplished ivory-tinkler may also be fairly strong.
And when your Dad was the ‘Oscar’ winning composer of the music for ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ you could have been forgiven for choosing a life down any avenue other than a musical one. But little Jean Michel, son of soundtrack man Maurice Jarre didn’t shy away from music. In fact he made his own extremely successful career out of it.
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5 thoughts on “Oxygene review (2013)

  1. Thanks for posting my review! Will be publishing my kindle book ‘The great cassette experiment’ (which will feature this and at least one other Jean Michel Jarre classic cassette) soon. ‘The first 40 days’ is already available.

    1. There’s a new posting on my blog (boxofpeppers.blogspot.com) about ‘Rendez-vous’. I’d be delighted if you’d post a link again. Thank you, Neil

      1. Thanks – I’ll pop a link on my blog to yours too.

        really enjoying your blog by the way!


        Neil (boxofpeppers)

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