Jean Michel Jarre career review: “Synthesisers in the rain”

There was one particular episode from last year’s series of Top Of The Pops reruns from 1977 that struck a chord with me. It was the 27th September edition according to a quick Google. (At least I’m honest in my searching). It had the promotional film for “Magic fly” by Space, all strange anonymous musicians in helmets and synthesised dance beats. That was odd enough, but at the end of the show over the credits “Oxygene IV” by Jean-Michel Jarre was played. Now I’d heard that piece of music over the previous few weeks on the chart rundown or the radio in general but this was the first time I’d heard it properly with title and artist. It didn’t sound like anything I’d previously heard before – but then I’d lived a sheltered musical life, as my previous posts on my parents’ record collection have shown. I wasn’t aware of such things as synthesisers or electronic music at that point. Read more….


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