Jean Michel Jarre signed to Sony Music in Germany


For sound in Munich, he was one of the guest stars. Although joined Jean Michel Jarre not with music, but in an interview with Willy Ehmann and Ralf Schalk he willingly gave information about himself and his plans.

He already stood from 1996 to 2001, on Sony Music label Epic under contract, and after the album flopped “Metamorphoses” (2000) parted ways the French pioneer of electronic music and the record company. But more than ten years later want to try another again. This gave Willy Ehmann and Ralf According to Schalk known in Munich, who were talking on stage with the artist. Sony Music Germany has taken Jarre under contract and will in the coming years, his entire catalog since the multi-million seller Oxygène publish again (1976), a new album is planned for 2014.

“I’m starting all over again from scratch,” Jarre said, “with a new team and new ideas.” And he emphasized that he was proud that he is now the contract with Sony Music Entertainment Germany had signed. The planned new album means to him “a renaissance, a rebirth as an artist.” It would “include 40 years of electronic music and recapitulate.”

Of his interlocutors presented almost as an icon of the genre, the son of French film music composer Maurice Jarre referred modestly to the German-French electronics tradition with Karlheinz Stockhausen on one side and Pierre Schaeffer, of the Paris Groupe de Recherches Musicales on the other parent page. “The electronic music comes from France and Germany,” he said, so he was glad that he was now landed in Germany at Sony Music.
On this occasion he took up the cudgels for the majors. “With the advent of the internet we thought artists long, we do not need any more majors,” he said. But which is not so, you could be lucky if you have a major with all its strengths knew at his side. Therefore, he also hope that he also in Germany a live major event like once in China or the Pyramids of Giza on the legs will soon be able to provide. “I would like to do in the Ruhr. Because to me it seems like on a connection to the place and the architectural features.”

Creators of the World Summit to 4 and 5 Elected in June 2013, CISAC General Assembly Jean Michel Jarre its new president and chief lobbyist so to speak, the author of the world. In an interview with Music Week Jarre said afterwards that he was “not pessimistic” about the future concerns. “Boundaries were for artists has always been of particular interest, they have rubbed it and the social developments reflected.’s Why I firmly believe that many things will change in the music industry.”

Instead of complaining, the entire music industry should focus on identifying and taking advantage of new circumstances. “The internet finally offers fantastic opportunities to create music, to make known and promote. Here I see the tasks of the new music economy. Artist but also need to get up and its position as a link between the public and, as in centuries past, the economic claim. “

If he could remember a highlight from his decades-long career, Jean Michel Jarre was asked to sound in Munich. Not really, he said. For the life of an artist is always going about to achieve creative, and this he must always look forward. “The real highlight is the future for me.”


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