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(Written in 2008, update in 2013) A little mis-information in this review, as Jarre really wasn’t trying to get chummy with club culture himself. I’m pretty sure his record label was trying to do so though, hence the licensing of Chronologie out for so many remixes. Oh, any apparently the Laurent Garnier Laboratoire Mix of Oxygene was removed from later editions of Jarremix due to some kind of beef between him and Jarre. Damn, maybe that N.W.A. comparison was apt after all!

Bit of a fun-fact here: way back before I ever started writing for TranceCritic, I’d toyed with the idea of online reviews for a while already, even drumming up about a half-dozen drafts. Most of those ended up recycled into the earliest I did for the website, but I also did one for Jarremix. Never saw a point in submitting a review for this, as I figured interest in a Jean-Michel Jarre remix album wasn’t terribly high. Of course, when it cropped up for a Random Review, I had no choice, but by that time, my writing’d vastly improved, and the early draft was scrapped.) Continued here…