In January 2013 DISQUES DREYFUS, veteran and legendary French label founded on the effort and artistic flair of its promoter FRANCIS DREYFUS (1940-2010), ceased to exist as an independent entity and was going to be part of the giant BMG. Inevitably the future of plump nude woman illustrating the characteristic company logo appears indistinct and its extensive catalog of recordings artists, among them names like CHRISTOPHE, FRANÇOIS DE ROUBAIX, BLUE VAMP, BAHAMAS or JEAN MICHEL JARRE , abandoned the possibility of a hypothetical republication or forgotten, in the worst case.

With the death of Francis Dreyfus, producer in mid-2010 because of cancer, few people can relate with great detail and based on comprehensive information that was “the adventure Motors”, the seed of FRANCIS DREYFUS MUSIC and its label DREYFUS JAZZ, the rise and demise of the company that allowed JEAN MICHEL JARRE to be a star. One of those few people is Danièle Feuillerat, for more than 30 years publishing director of FRANCIS DREYFUS MUSIC (FDM), plus production assistant in shows like ” Rendez -Vous Houston” or the intriguing concert tour in China 1981. She met a young JARRE as a lyricist, he witnessed his departure from the maison after publication ” Metamorphoses ” and return to ” Essentials & Rarities”.

Daniele has agreed to collaborate closely with FAIRLIGHT JARRE with a project that began more than a year ago, lending itself to review carefully the history of JEAN MICHEL JARRE and DISQUES DREYFUS, that is, in a sense, our own story.

Part 1 (First meeting of Francis Dreyfus with Jarre, Oxygène)
Part 2 (La Concorde, Concerts in China, Music for Supermarkets)

To be continued…