Some trivia about Jean Michel Jarre


Ascended Fanon: The first Rarities bootleg album had a cover based on that of the extremely rare La Cage/Erosmachine 7″ single with some of the tracks listed at the top and bottom margins. Being a bootleg, it has never been official. Then came the 2011 Essentials & Rarities compilation. The Rarities CD got its own cover—based on the Rarities bootleg.

Author Existence Failure: The NASA astronaut Ron McNair was to record a piece of music composed for this purpose aboard the space shuttle and even play it live at Rendez-vous Houston. Then came the 1986 Challenger disaster with McNair on board.

Breakthrough Hit: Oxygène as an album, “Oxygène 4” as a single/a song. Most people aren’t even aware that Jarre has made music before Oxygène already.

Cash Cow Franchise: Although Disques Dreyfus has always been a jazz label, Francis Dreyfus clung to his rights on Jarre’s recordings as hard as he could because the immense amount of money they made. And they still do—Oxygène was released in 1976, but it still sells well enough that whatever number of sales one might read somewhere that isn’t declared recent has long been surpassed.

Creator Couple: Jarre and his second wife, the British actress Charlotte Rampling. She is responsible for the vast majority of official photographs of her husband, including those on album covers. Jarre even sampled the shutter and winder noises of her camera and used them in “Souvenir Of China”.

And get sure you find out more funny facts on Jean Michel Jarre’s music.


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