Remastering of Zoolook is on the way

David Perreau, Jean Michel Jarre’s sound engineer, has posted on his Facebook wall the above message, telling he is currently remastering Zoolook, the Jarre masterpiece recorded 30 years ago. All of Jean Michel’s back catalogue is to be remastered and re-issued by Sony-BMG.


5 thoughts on “Remastering of Zoolook is on the way

  1. Last year I re-bought Zoolook on vinyl along with Oxygene, Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields. They all sound wonderful. I don’t need another remaster. Where is the new album rumoured to be in the making for 4 years now???

  2. We are hoping for the new Jarre album(s) to occur for end, 2014. I think Jarre waited for Sony-BMG to sign him to get a wider distribution and promotion.

    The re-issue of the entire catalogue might be a great opportunity for ones who lost their entire collection.

  3. Please tell me the extended remixes of both zoo look and zoolokologie are going no there. Please. Please. No, really…please.

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