David Perreau is the man behind the mastering of Jarre albums Geometry of love, AERO, Oxygène 2007 and Essentials and Rarities. He joins in Fairlight Jarre for a talk about past, future…

Fairlight Jarre: First of all we would to know more about mastering. Related to JEAN MICHEL JARRE, what is exactly your work?
David Perreau: Well, my work is to optimise the sound design of the sound mix that did JMJ, to optimise the loudness witch is an very important key, and to increase and optime warmless, deepness on the sound.

F.J. : How did you meet Jarre?
D. P. : I met him just after the mix he did for Geometry of love. After the mix he did, he tried 2 different mastering studios, and he was not happy with the result. Joachim Garraud which was working with Jean Michel and me told to Jean Michel to call me to do a try:)
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