Jean Michel Jarre talks ‘fair share for creators’ at Midem (February, 3rd 2014)

Jean Michel Jarre is both musician and president of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC), and as such, has a view or two on digital music and its impact on artists and songwriters.

He took to the Midem stage this afternoon for a session titled “Fair Share for Creators” to share some of those views, in an interview conducted by Music Week’s Rhian Jones.

So what’s a fair share for creators about? “Thinking about it, it was the wrong title. I should have said ‘How to create a fair business model for creators’,” he said.

“It’s very difficult for an artist to evaluate the value of his child, his baby, of his creation… Artists are very good and strong at writing protest songs, but when it comes to protesting about the value of their art, they are quite vulnerable, and particularly facing the internet… We are victims of a system that has not even been thought in the function of the content they are making so much money on. This is why this idea of fair remuneration is important.”

Jarre argued that a business model needs to be created by artists sitting round a table with partners from the technology world. “Stopping thinking that the big actors of the internet are our enemies. These people who created Google, Facebook and all these great tools. They are music lovers, they are film lovers. They love artists,” he said.

“They are somehow closer to music and film and arts than a lot of politicians are. These guys were geeks 15 or 20 years ago dreaming about creating something extraordinary, and they did it, without realising the collateral damages they were creating, by exciting this kind of constant greed for free content.” Read more…


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