Jarre to the Guardian: ‘Artists are the collateral damage of the tech giants’

Jean Michel Jarre has called on music artists to work with the world’s most powerful technology companies, urging them to explore new ways of making money for their work.
“We are the people creating the future – not manufacturers of computers or cables. We are the extraordinary,” Jarre told the Guardian. “[The lack of enforcement of] intellectual property is not just a problem for artists from Europe and America – it’s a global problem . It’s one of the strongest elements of what democracy is all about.”

In 2013, the French electronic music pioneer was elected president of CISAC, the global body for authors’ societies, succeeding the late Robin Gibb. Speaking to the Guardian ahead of his keynote speech at the Midem music industry conference, Jarre said artists need to “stop whining” and engage with powerful tech companies.

Jarre, whose ground-breaking 1976 album Oxygene brought him international acclaim, joked that “Being a postman is the future – because, apparently, these days it’s much better to carry content than to create it”.
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