Jean Michel Jarre will be the guest of the dutch dance scene featuring the Amsterdam Dance Event which spans from 15 to 19 Oct 2014 (date is not confirmed yet. He will be questionned by long-time fan DJ Armin van Buuren:

“Jean-Michel was one of the true electronic music pioneers at the point where it was not yet known as trance or EDM. In the beginning the synthesizer was seen by many as a “devil” instrument and its sound was not particularly regarded as “music” by some. But with albums like “Oxygene“, “Equinox” and “Zoolook” Jean-Michel reached a huge audience and opened many doors for synthesizer-based music. This device is the basis of what we now call dance music, and Jarre is also a pioneer when it comes to large audience performances and techniques such as video projection,”

Armin van Buuren.